Sunday September 22, 2019

Scott Semple

About the Artist

Scott SempleScott Semple is an internationally collected ceramic artist, art designer, percussionist, world traveler, self inspired ruffian, and recent father to one baby Logan. I've always had this certain sensitivity to the natural world, a kind of personal spiritual ecology that is often best expressed in clay.

For me, the commitment to becoming a ceramic artist meant to become aware of the acute level of service we choose to pay to history as artists, lending our interpretations to fire. A while back I recognized that what I was building were the artifacts of the future, something that architects probably get all the time. But to work in clay means to have slower sets of realizations. Then one day you wake up and you're a mere cog in the wheel of artistic history.....Few other mediums can claim a 30,000 yr history with both expression as well as function! 

Scott Semple - Throwing Large Pots 80 min DVD