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Steven Hill

About the Artist

Steven Hill

Steven Hill has been a functional potter since 1974, in the beginning working out of his backyard studio and selling his work mostly at art festivals.

"I simply have to make pots! While making pottery nourishes my soul, selling it puts food on my table. When I am sitting at the potters wheel with music reverberating through my studio, life is good! The dance that is born of clay spinning through my fingers is the place in my life where magic happens. I've always had a relatively narrow focus, making wheel thrown, single-fired functional stoneware. My work never stands still, however? It has been a slow evolution of form and surface. Function keeps me rooted, but I don?t mind stretching the boundaries of usefulness just a little as I explore my vision. Sometimes I wonder what direction my life would have taken if I had not discovered clay. The only thing I know for certain is that I lead a privileged life making my living doing something I love as much as making pottery."

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By the mid-1990's he was looking for a way to expand his studio, to begin a resident artist program for aspiring potters, and to provide space for other ceramic artists to work. Housed in an old Red Star Yeast factory, Red Star Studios became the new home of Steven Hill Pottery in November of 1998.

The Tuscan countryside has profoundly influenced Steven's pottery. "It wasn't the Majolica pottery that Italy is famous for, but the colors and textures of Tuscany that spoke to me. The weather worn painted wood and stucco surfaces, which highlight architectural form by stripping away surface embellishment, have found their way into my pottery." His current pottery features textured matt glazes, with contrasting colors on rims, handles, and feet, to accentuate form.

Steven has been single firing his functional stoneware since 1972. Although at times frustrating to glaze raw pots, he finds it encourages directness and spontaneity in his work. Hill received his BFA from Kansas State University in 1973. His work is featured in natioanlly juried shows and in many ceramics books. Steven his taught well over 100 workshops throughout the United States and Canada and has written six ceramic articles.

"The best pots always involve serendipity. Some potters believe that the Kiln Gods are responsible, but whatever the reason, there are always special pots that stand out from a potters' body of work. It can be due to the throwing, assembly, or decoration of a pot; the glaze application, or maybe just that magical spot in the kiln. Most often it is a combination of these factors."

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